Freedom Finger (Game): Tipstor? Pick

Summary: Freedom Finger is a music driven, side-scrolling shooter featuring music by Aesop Rock, Red Fang, Com Truise, and more! Classic shmup gameplay blended with melee combat! You’re flying a spaceship shaped like a giant hand, so use it! Punch, grab, and shoot enemies to smithereens.

Game: Freedom Finger

Developer: Wide Right Interactive

Genre(s): Action, Shooter, Shoot-‘Em-Up, Horizontal

Rating: M


Freedom Finger is an enjoyable take on the classic shoot?em up thanks to its simple yet challenging gameplay. The mechanics are easy to pick up and understand, but a bit harder to master and use effectively. At times it tries to do too much, but the hyper-escalated sense of humor and self-awareness add a unique layer to gameplay. Wide Right Interactive?s Freedom Finger is a worthy installment in one of the industry?s oldest genres.