Super Mega Baseball 3 (Game): Tipstor? Pick

Summary: Super Mega Baseball 3. Run up the score in a relaxed slugfest or push the limits of your reflexes in this refined?baseball?simulator. The?third?entry in the series features an all-new Franchise mode, major graphical enhancements, and on-field additions including pickoffs and situational player traits.

Game: Super Mega Baseball 3

Platform(s):?Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows

Developer: Metalhead Software Inc.

Genre(s): Sports,?Team,?Baseball,?Arcade

Rating: E


The pitching mechanics have improved, the base-stealing is light-years better than before (it actually takes good timing and skill to execute), and the game?s performance is excellent. If you?ve been looking for a great baseball game to play on the Switch, Super Mega Baseball 3 should be your first choice. They?re also offering a free demo that allows you to play the online Pennant Race mode, play the Exhibition games, and access to player customizations.?