Valiant To Disrupt The Comic Book Cinema Universe With Diverse Characters

Marvel and DC are seen as the two main pillars of comic book movies with an interconnected universe and although they are seen as the two titans of the space, there is more than enough room for other comic book entities to make a name for themselves ? and peeking its head around the corner and raising an eyebrow is?Valiant Entertainment.

Over two years ago, Dan Mintz?s?DMG Entertainment took full control?of the indie comics outfit Valiant Entertainment with over 2,000 characters in its library and now they are ready to disrupt the comic book cinematic universe in a space that has been occupied by Marvel and DC ? and mostly dominated by the former.

Disney is the IBM of the entertainment industry?it?s just really big and very difficult to be. They can?t stand on anti-establishment. They?re not raising the pirate flags, so to speak.

They do great stuff, but there is a very defined lane. There are certain things that Disney won?t do because they?re Disney?and there are some things that Valiant is going to do because it?s authentic to who we are. All the Marvel movies are great, but I?m saying is?if they?re network TV, we?re HBO. If they?re PC we?re Mac.

Last year, fanboys and fangirls put a target on Martin Scorsese?s back when he compared superhero movies to theme parks and claimed that they were??not cinema?. Mintz takes this and leverages it into a challenge Valiant. If there was a comic book movie he was going to direct, it would be a Valiant movie because the characters relate on that level.

Compared to Marvel and DC, Valiant has a diverse array of complex comic book characters that introduce familiar types of heroes but are presented in a way that?s fresh, subversive and delivers a different kind of hero from classic household names like Captain America and Superman.

There?s Rai, a Japanese cyborg warrior who fights to protect those who can?t defend themselves as well as Mary-Maria a master martial artist of Latinx descent who is also skilled in firearms and weaponry that leads a rogue group of assassin nuns. There?s also Faith, a plus-size hero who has the ability of flight and telekinesis and Livewire, a teletechnopath. In other words, she has the ability to communicate with machines with her mind.

Valiant Entertainment has all the elements to create a cinematic universe that could very well shake things up. In the books, the characters exist in the same universe across time and space and all of this had a soft-launch with the last big studio movie released theatrically before theaters shuttered:?Bloodshot,?which stars Vin Diesel as the titular vengeful metamorph soldier who has no memory of his own history.

He has a connection to the?Harbinger?Foundation, which is headed by the power-hungry Toyo Harada. The organization studies ?psiots?, a sub-species of humans with psychic powers. He calls them Harbingers and it makes for a team, each of them straddling the line of hero and villain, which is the foundation of the next?Valiant film at Paramount?that could be the official launch of its cinematic universe with other titles like?Shadowman, Archer & Armstrong, Eternal Warrior?and?X-O Manowar?in the works.